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What Is Aluminum Composite Panel?
Jul 02, 2018

Introduction: Aluminum composite panel is a kind of composite material. It adopts PE as core material and the top and the bottom layer are aluminum sheets. And the surface is coated with decorative and protective film.




Classification and Specification:

Based on the usage, Outer wall decoration and signboards, inner decoration.

Based on the function, fireproof panel, anti-static panel, antibacterial and fungicidal panel.

Based on decoration effect: highlight panel, wooden panel, granite panel, mirror surface panel, brushed aluminum composite panel.


General Specification:

Length: 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm

Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500

Thickness: minimum thickness is 4mm



Aluminum composite panel is widely used in building decoration. It is with light weight, high strength, abundant colors, long life-expectancy, fire retardant, moisture resistance, cost effective and sound proof, etc.



1.  Gas piping, cables, building materials, etc (this product fills a gap in the domestic construction materials field, with performance indexes superior to panels manufactured overseas)

2.  Curtain wall decoration for buildings where security is important, such as airports, hospitals and research centers

3.  Curtain wall boards for outside walls of normal buildings

4.  Renovations of old buildings and movable houses

5.  Reformation and decoration for indoor walls, ceilings, bathrooms,

6.  kitchens and balconies

7.  Facades

8.  Billboards, exhibition desks and notice boards

9.  Wall boards and ceilings for tunnels

10.  Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies






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