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What Are The Advantages Of A2 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel?
Jul 02, 2018

Advantage 1: Light weight

As a new thermal insulation material began to increase in the number of species in the market promotion, #fireproof aluminum composite panels in building insulation construction projects will choose a kind of high cost performance, lower cost , including A2 fireproof aluminum composite panels are strictly in accordance with national quality standards for customers, so in the process of thermal insulation construction of light weight, it is more convenient for construction.Many builders have seen the process and the composite board material after fire rating, gradually  the process of construction will be more security, achieved the advantage of higher quality grades.

Advantage 2: High fire grade

Because #A2 fireproof aluminum composite panels is upgraded on the basis of the traditional heat preservation material, especially the performance and process has obvious enhancement, and the fire rating is higher and higher, thus achieving the best quality standard. Now the heat preservation material in the market promotion  let more builders accepted, because they have learned the characteristics of this kind of material and performance, often is in the building of more promotion and sales, improve the status in the national insulation materials market and advantage, after seeing the performance of the fire rating, in construction process, of course, will have different places.

Advantage 3: adiabatic heat preservation effect is good

A new generation of composite board material is widely applied in building materials market in many countries, first of all, the heat insulation performance is stronger, so bring cooling purposes or in the middle of the building thermal performance will become more prominent, these are made by this new type of composite board was able to bring the process effect.



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