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The Construction Methods And The Warranty Of Aluminum Composite Panels
Nov 16, 2018

The aluminum composite panels used for exterior walls hava many construction methods.Three main kinds of methods are :

Use professional glue to bond aluminum composite panels and wood panels.

Make th ebottom with keels then wait for drying and hang it on the sealant.

Open and permeable surface method.


According to construction method and  materials used, the thickness of aluminum composite panels are from 1-10mm.The  thickness of panels used for exterior walls are thicker than 4mm and the coating of the panels are different.The most coatings are PE and PVDF.

Mostly, the aluminum composite panels used for exterior walls are coating by PVDF and the warranty of coating is 10 years, the warranty of aluminum composite panels is about 15-20 years.The Pe coating aluminum composite panels are mostly used in interior decoration and the warranty is about 8 years.



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