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How to choose Aluminum Composite Panels ? (1)
Sep 27, 2018

1. Visual Inspection


The aluminum composite panels should be noramtive and complete the thickness of the panel should be lead to uniformity,the surface should be smooth.If you take off the protective film, the coatingshould be neat and without any chromatic aberration,spots and uneven luster and other problems.


2. Smell


If you strip the aluminum you won't smeel the pungment smell of organic solvents.




According to national standards, the thickness of external wall panels should be 4mm and the thickness of the aluminum should be 0.5mm; the thickness of the interior should be 3mm and the thickness of aluminum should be 0.2mm.


4. Coating


The PVDF coating panels should be softer than other coatings. You can use some hard things to depict the coating.




You can use a sharp blade to depict a piece of 1mm*1mm panels (the piece should be depict to the aluminum) and use the tape to stick on the small piece ,the coating wouldn't be destroyed.


6.Cooking and Watching


You can cook the sample until boiling for two hours and watch it when it cools down. The aluminum and the plastic shouldn't be apart and the coating shouldn't be fell off or brittle.

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