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Properties Of The Raw Materials Of PVDF Aluminum Composite Panel
Jul 02, 2018

The aluminum material shall be cleaned and chemically treated to remove oil, dirt and loose oxide layers formed naturally by contact with the air, and to form a chemical conversion film to facilitate the firm bonding of the aluminum material with the coating and the core layer. Coating: The curtain wall Board coating material should adopt the fluorine carbon resin with excellent weathering performance, also can use other performance or more excellent material.

#PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel.

0% fluorocarbon resin, refers to the production of aluminum-plastic plate coating paint used in a variety of raw materials, PVDF accounted for 70% of resin raw materials. The final content of PVDF in the total coating of the aluminum-plastic plate is about 25%~45%, as there are also pigments such as paints and fluorocarbon resin coatings. Core material: The material properties of the raw material used in the ordinary curtain wall plate shall conform to GB11115, GB11116, GB/T15182 or other corresponding national or industry standards.

The quality of core material is closely related to the quality of aluminum-plastic plate. Low-quality waste plastics often contain a lot of harmful impurities and serious aging of plastic, the quality of aluminum-plastic plate is extremely unfavorable. Polyvinyl chloride is generally considered unsuitable for use as a core material because, it is easily decomposed at high temperatures to produce strongly toxic and corrosive substances.PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminum-plastic composite plate is a chemical treatment of the coating aluminum plate for the surface materials, with polyethylene plastic as the core materials in the special aluminum-plastic plate production equipment processed from the composite material.

The aluminum-plastic composite board itself has a unique performance, which determines its wide use: it can be used for building external walls, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, interior walls and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, decontamination and dust proof works. It belongs to a new type of building decoration material PVDF Aluminium Composite Panel.



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