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How To Choose Aluminum Composite Panels?(2)
Oct 03, 2018

7. Corrosion Test


If it is possible you can use some drops of dilute sodium hydroxide solution (2%~5%) on the surface of the panels and cover on it ( keep the drops from drying). Check it after several hours, the coating shouldn't be corrosive.


8.Swabbing by Dissolvent


You caN wipe back and forth on the surface of the coating with butanone dipped in cotton yarn or soft cloth and the coating shouldn't be wiped out.( The solvent is saling in chemical store).


9.Peeling Test


The aluminum shouldn't be apart with the plastic core or when they be apart the aluminum and the plastic shhouldn't both occur the galling defects.


10.Brittle Ruputer


You can cut a bar of aluminum composite panels and bend it, the panels shouldn't be obvious brittled ruputer.




The price of aluminum composite panels are assessable including the depreciation of equipment,labor cost and the profit. The price of counterfeit and shoddy products are too low.


In a word, to judeg the quality by simple identification is not enough.If necessary,the consumers should go to the state authorized quality inspection department to identify the quality according to the national standards.



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