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Construction Process Of Aluminum Composite Panels--Dry Hanging
Dec 14, 2018

1. The laying work is carried out according to the center line and elevation point of the civil works; the design of the facing is based on the axis of the building. The aluminum composite panels skeleton is composed of horizontal and vertical parts, and the position line of the vertical rod is first made, and then The anchor point of the vertical member is determined.

2. Install the fixed connecting piece on the basis of the pay-off line, fix the connecting piece with electric welding, and prevent the rust paint from being welded twice. The connecting member is welded and fixed to the embedded part on the main structure. When the embedded iron piece is not embedded in the main structure, the expansion bolt can be fixed on the main structure to be fixed with the connecting iron.

3. Mounting frame The welding frame is used to install the skeleton. The installation is to check the elevation and center line position at any time, and at the same time, the cross-section connection weld is treated as anti-rust paint. The fixed connection piece is used for concealed inspection records including the length, thickness and position of the joint weld. Set the height, quantity, and depth of insertion.

4. Install the aluminum-plastic plate on the inner frame of the profile, first tap the screw hole position, fix the aluminum-plastic plate finish to the steel frame block by rivet; the gap between the plate and the plate is 10~15mm and then inject the silicone. Weather-resistant sealant; it is forbidden to remove the wrapping paper before the aluminum plate is installed, until the packaging protective film is torn open in front of the completion; according to the directions indicated by the arrow of the aluminum-plastic panel.


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