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Aluminum Composite Panel Installation
Jul 02, 2018

ALCEBOND offers four different panel installation systems to give you the look you need at the budgeted cost you require. Panels can be measured and cut at the job site…no prefabrication or comprehensive shop drawings are necessary. Special panel lengths and widths can be ordered to minimize waste and reduce labor and materials expenses.

1.  Cutting

ALCEBOND aluminum composite panel are easy cut ones, by using only ordinary saws. It is recommended to use hard aluminum cutting.


2.  Drill hole

How to process the U shaped slot, the pictures below show operation method. When the large number of U grooves are processed in the factory, we recommend the use of the wheel saw belt.

Tooth number: 2-4

Rotation: 2000-3000 rpm

Feed speed: 3-5 m/min

Material: hard alloy


2)  When the U groove is under processing, keep the length of the polyethylene 0.2mm-0.4mm at a distance of 110 degree.




3)  When processing U groove, it should be done on the platform, so that the U shaped slot length and bending part can be kept neatly.

3.  Bending

ALCEBOND aluminum composite panel can be 90 degree bend,and it uses the rubber mold to process the board.


For the bending of the 3 coated panels, a large diameter should be taken to bend.


Interior Corner Installation:




Exterior Corner Installation:





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