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The Application Fo Aluminum Composite Panels
Oct 12, 2018

The aluminum composite panel retains the original composition of aluminum metal and nonmetal polyethylene plastic and the main features. It also overcomes the disadvantages of the original material, and material with many excellent properties, such as colorful decorative, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention,  moisture-proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, vibrate resistance, light weight and it is easy to process shape , transport and install .As a result, they are widely used in all kinds of architectural decoration, such as the ceiling, the present, counter, the furniture, billboards, kiosks, elevators, stores, plant, wall, etc., The aluminum composite panel has become the represantation of the mental material of three curtain walls (natural stone, glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall) , Sometimes in the developed countries, aluminum composite panel also be used on the bus, train, plane, ship sound insulation material, design, instrument box, etc..


The application of aluminum composite panels:


1. Exterior wall of the building and curtain wall board.


2. Refit and renovate the external walls of the old building.


3. Balcony, equipment unit and indoor compartment.


4. Panel, advertisment board and display platform.


5. Interior wall decoration panel, ceiling and advertisement signboard.


6. Industrial materials and the body of the cold-keeping car.


7. Air conditioner, TV and other household appliances.


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