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Definition of aluminum composite board
Aug 30, 2018

In foreign countries, there are many kinds of aluminum-plastic composite panels, called Aluminum Composite Panels; there is called Aluminum Composite Materials; in fact, Alucobond is a registered trademark of aluminum-plastic panel companies, and Not a synonym for aluminum composite panels. There are not many companies producing aluminum-plastic composite panels abroad, but the scale of production is very large. Famous companies include Alusuisse in Switzerland, Reynolds Metals in the United States, Mitsubishi in Japan, and Daming in Korea.  Aluminum-plastic composite panel consists of two materials with distinct properties, which retains the main characteristics of the original constituent materials and overcomes the lack of the original composition material, and thus obtained a number of excellent material properties, such as luxury, colorful and decorative, weathering, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire, moisture, sound insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance; light weight, easy processing, easy to handle and other characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in various architectural decoration, such as ceiling, pillar, counter, furniture, telephone booth, elevator, storefront, billboard, factory wall material, etc., has become the three curtain walls  is a representative of the metal curtain wall. In developed countries, aluminum-plastic composite panels are also used in the manufacture of buses and trains, aircraft, sound-proof materials for ships, and design instrument cabinets.

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