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The fire-proof rating of aluminum composite panels
Jan 07, 2019

Fire-proof rating of aluminum composite panels is determined by

two indicators, the national mandatory standard GB8624 "fire-proof performance classification method for building materials" and GB/T17748 "aluminum composite plate" national standard requirements.

China's building materials combustion performance classification is as follows:

A class: non-combustible building materials

 B1 class: non-combustible building materials

B2 class: combustible building materials

B3 class: flammable building materials fire aluminum composite panels grade can not be lower than B1.

Fire-proof aluminum composite panels (B1 level) of detection index and requirements:

(1) according to GB/T8625-88 test, each group of specimens of the average length of the remaining 150 mm or more, (either remaining length > 0) of the specimens, and the peak temperature of 200 ℃ or less, on average, each test, flue gas;

(2) (2) test according to GB/ t8626-88, flame tip height index

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