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The decoration effect of aluminum composite panels
Jan 25, 2019

According to the performance of the decoration effect, the aluminum composite panels can be divided into 6 different kinds ,they are:

1. Aluminum composite panels have a variety of coating, people use most panels are coating of PE and PVDF.The main decorative colors used in the market include plain color, pearlight color, fluorescence color and other colors.

2. Oxidation coloring aluminum composite panels:Apply the technique of anodic oxidation to perform the special decoration, like rosy and bronze and other colors.

3. Laminated aluminum composite panels: Under the use of the adhesives and covering the color textured film on thethe aluminum to perform the different kinds of imitation natural pattern. The most widely used panels are marbling panels and wooden panels.

4. Color painting aluminum composite panels:Different patterns are printing on the transfer film through the phototypesetting printing technique by the color ink on the computer and print the different kinds of imitation natural patterns.Then cover it on the aluminum composite panels by the heat transfer printing.

It can meet clients different requirements and it also can be customized service.

5. Brushed aluminum composite panels: The brushed aluminum cover on the plastic, like golden brushed and silver brushed and other colors. It can bring special visual enjoyment.

6. Mirror aluminum composite panels: Polished the surface of the aluminum .

Different kinds aluminum composite panels have each advantages and creation by the different usage. The choices are depend on the clients.

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