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The Comparison Of Aluminium Composite Panel Strength
Jul 02, 2018

Aluminum matrix composites have high specific strength, specific rigidity and excellent high temperature mechanical properties, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and excellent abrasion resistance compared to conventional matrix alloys. 

They are very broad in the aerospace, aerospace, automotive, electronics and transportation industries Application prospects. The types and preparation methods of aluminum matrix composites, the development level of aluminum matrix composites at home and abroad, and the application of aluminum matrix composites are reviewed.Aluminium Composite Panel

According to different reinforcements, aluminum matrix composites are divided into fiber reinforced and particles (equiaxed grains with diameters between 0.5 and 100 μm) reinforced, whisker reinforced aluminum matrix composites. Commonly used reinforcing particles mainly include SiC, Si3N4, Al2O3, TiC, TiB2, A1N, B4C and graphite particles or metal particles.Aluminium Composite Panel

The preparation methods of several kinds of aluminum matrix composites are powder metallurgy method, pressure infiltration process, reaction self-generation method, high-energy high-speed consolidation process, semi-solid mixing compound manufacturing, spray deposition method, stirring friction processing and ball milling Carbon nanotubes reinforced aluminum matrix composites. TiB2 / A1 composites are prepared by jet deposition, LSM, XDTM, extrusion casting, contact reaction, self-propagating high-temperature synthesis and reaction mechanical alloying and powder metallurgy. Several common aluminum matrix composites are prepared.Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminum-based composite materials have been widely used in the manufacture of wipers, helicopters and other large aircraft wing, rudder, flaps, fuselage and skin and other components. In the body structure, while improving the reliability of parts quality to reduce the 25% to 40%. However, because of the complexity of the preparation process, the environmental and equipment requirements are strict and the cost is very high. Therefore, the application of aluminum-based composites is not common.Aluminium Composite Panel




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