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The commom specification of aluminum composite pensl
Feb 07, 2019

What is aluminum composite panels? Just as its name implies, it is a kind of board made of aluminum. Aluminum composite panels are launched by the customers and widely used in the society, including the building materials. Now we talk about the common specification of aluminum composite panels.

There are many specifications of aluminum composite panels which can be divided into interior wall panels and exterior wall panels. Generally, the specifications are as follows:


1.The common used thickness of exterior wall panels is 4mm,the thickness of aluminum is 0.4mm and 0.5mm and the coating is PVDF.

 2.The standard specification is 1220*2440mm.The width usually is 1220mm, normal used width is 1250mm, 1575mm, 1500mm and 2000mm.


3.The specification of interior wall panels usually are 3-5mm and divided into single side and double side. It usually coated by PE.


4.The plastic core also divided into many different types, like breakable core, the plastic used in high light panels and unbreakable core and so on.


There are many types of aluminum composite panels and the usage is different. Different types meet the different requirements of decoration and performances of vast of customers. Aluminum composite panels bring convenience and improvements to our lives. Our company is specialized in aluminum composite panels and aluminum panels for a long time. We have our own factory and produce all high quality panels. If you have any requirements and questions you can contact us.


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