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Aluminum Composite Panel Market Situation
Jul 02, 2018

With the rapid development of the building materials industry, aluminum plate as a rising star, has gradually grown into the leading product in the building and furnishing area. 

Today, a nationwide decorative aluminum composite panel heat shows us the good market situation of the aluminum composite panel.
Along with aluminum composite panel market continuing to expand, aluminum composite panel manufacturers have come to the fore. Fluorocarbon coating process, making the aluminum panels, aluminum single value was further improved.
It is understood that the aluminum composite panel has been able to catch on, mainly because of the superiority of the aluminum composite panel.
Aluminum composite panel combines the performance advantages of these two materials of aluminum, plastic, light weight, high strength, smooth surface,
Not only waterproof, fireproof, sound and heat insulation, resistance to corrosion, easy to clean, etc., and simple to use processing equipment can be a variety of complex shape processing, to meet the requirements of the modern decor high quality and simple construction. Although the building decoration industry in China only a few years of history of the aluminum composite panel,
But today decorated in refurbish of old buildings, some entire wall, some coated glass used with the appearance of colorful aluminum composite panel, the decorative effect is very good , aluminum panels used as interior decoration material, color effect and service life are better than gypsum board on the wall and ceiling materials, eliminating the need for wallpaper and paint.
In addition, aluminum panel as shops, restaurants, dance halls and other facade decoration materials and counter the office furniture, billboards materials, the application is also more prevalent, according to the official forecast, the current domestic annual demand for architectural decoration aluminum composite panel is approximately 500 to 600 million square meters, therefore the market potential is huge.


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