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Aluminum Composite Panel applied in Billboard
Jul 02, 2018

A billboard is a signal tool that pulls the system up, starts the next production process, or loads the product into the downstream process. The term in Japanese is the meaning of "signal" or "signal board", which refers to all the outdoor media that convey advertising information. Media size according to the actual circumstances, shop strokes, door head, facade of the screen can be hand-drawn, computer-made or printed on paper production. Billboard materials are generally used in square tubes, angle welding and so on, can have three-dimensional board, light cloth, blister, car paint, buckle plate, aluminum and plastic panels. The specification of the advertisement is different in every district, and the Industrial and commercial and urban management have not made provision, specifically to look at the exterior structure of the house.


Billboards in the production operation, have two functions: to indicate the production process manufacturing products, and instruction material operator handling products. The former is called a production billboard (or a billboard), and the latter is called a pickup billboard (or an advertising board). The production of billboards to the downstream process requires the type of product, the number of the upstream process. In the simplest case, for example, the upstream process prepares a production billboard that corresponds to a "box of parts" in advance, and puts it in a stock supermarket with a box of parts at the same time. When a box of parts is taken away, the manufacture of billboards is used to start production. Some signal billboards are triangular in shape, so they are also called triangular billboards.

The withdrawal of the billboard indicates that the parts are transported to the downstream process. There are usually two forms: internal billboards and vendor billboards. At first, in the Toyota urban area, these two forms are widely used cards, but when lean production is widely used, those who are far away from the factory are replaced by electronic billboards. To create a pull system, you must use both the production and the extraction billboard: in the downstream process, when the operator takes the first product out of the crate, it pulls out a billboard and puts it in a nearby Billboard box. When the porter returns to the inventory supermarket upstream of the value stream, the extraction billboard is placed in another Billboard box, indicating that the upstream process reproduces a box of parts. Only in the case of "no billboards, no production, or handling products" is a real pull system.Billboard



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