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The quality and the processing of the aluminium composite panels
Aug 09, 2018

The high quality aluminium composite panels are made from the various processings. The excellent processings is the core of the quality. We should learn and upgrade the professional knowledge.


During the production of the aluminnium composite panels we should control the details. The tempreture of the first hot compression roll should be controlled between 90-120 and the second should be 90-99. The tempreture of the composite panels at the laminator should be controlled under 55. The smooth composite panels will send into the air cooling system to cool them down and inspected by the quality controller and then send into the laminator to cover the protective film. At last, according to the customers’ requirement to clit  and turn to the next processing.


The trimming deflashing is also very important in the production, it is required that the length±3mm, the width±2mm, the diagonal5mm, the edge irregularity1mm/m. The qualifiedpanels will be sticked of the certificate of the qualification and packaged into the warehouse.


The main problems are the coating and the composition. The coating quality is showed in the processing of the pretreatment and painting. The composition is showed in the technique and the management . These problems canbe effected by the single element or effected by various elements. The main quality problem in the composition processing are the bubbles on the surface of the panels, the plate speckle, thermal distortion and the bonding.


To know the above quality problems of the aluminium composite panels can help us know the characteristics then we can make batter use of the products.


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