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The methods of distinguishing aluminium composite panels
Aug 04, 2018

The quality of the products is directly related to the application effect of the manufacturer. We must know the methods of distinguishing the panels to make sure that the purchased panels are of high quality so that the effect will be better.


We should check the surface of the panels is smooth or tough, and the luster is perfect without any flaw or scraching . The bubbled panels are of low quality. And also we can mearsure the thickness of the panels by rulers. The international standard principle of internal wall plate is 3mm and the exterior wall plate is 4mm or you can fold the corner of the panel,If it is easy to break up and the quality is low. Or we can burn the middle layer of the aluminium composite panels and check the combustion products if there any impurities beside PE.


Besides, we can ask the manufacture to provide the inspection sheeets, quality assurances and the intertional quality certifications and some written documents. These documents prove that our products are inspected and we can assure the quality.


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